Costa Brava – Cruise Ports

The port of Palamós is the second top performing port within Medcruise member port

The second edition of the new MedCruise statistic reports* gives an overview of MedCruise member ports traffic data registered since 2000. This report, among other data, shows the top performing ports in terms of specific traffic dimensions. The port of Palamós is the number two after, the port of Split, considering the total passengers movement, the transits and the cruise calls during 2000 to 2010.*

Table 3.3 – First & Last MedCruise ports by Transits growth

COUNTRY     PORT    Var. Transits    2000*     2010 
Croatia Split 39.346% 437 172.378
Spain Palamos 2.879% 923 27.500
Slovenia Koper 2.705% 1.100 30.855


*THE NEW MEDCRUISE STATISTIC REPORT, 2nd edition 2011 A Report produced for MedCruise by Fondazione Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia

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