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Girona cuisine expresses the richness of a land open to the Mediterranean Sea providing many varieties of fish and seafood, and an inland zone producing a superb range of fruit and vegetables, as well as a wide choice of top-quality red and white meat.

In the hands of chefs combining tradition and imagination, this range of products has made Girona a first rate gastronomic venue and an ideal place to enjoy the local rice dishes, suquets, blue fish, red meat, “sea and mountain” combinations, and a wide variety of other culinary delights.

Our restaurants are characterised as peaceful, welcoming places with a friendly atmosphere and personalised attention for customers. Lovers of fine cuisine can choose between many different types of establishment.

The province of Girona is well-known for having fourteen restaurants which add up to eighteen Michelin stars. Among them, one must point out El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, of the Roca brothers, Miramar restaurant in Llançà by Paco Perez and Les Cols in Olot, by Fina Puigdevall.

Also deserving specific mention are the wines and cavas with the Empordà DO, which boost the quality of the local product.

Products currently bearing Designation of Origin (DO) and quality certificates:

  • Empordà wine
  • Empordà olive oil
  • Girona apples
  • Protected Catalan Pyrenees beef

Other notable products from Girona province:

  • Empordà products (Figueres onions, fritters, sweet butifarra sausages, Pals rice)
  • Fish
  • Anchovies
  • Crespià walnuts
  • Santa Pau white beans
  • Banyoles garlic
  • Girona cheese