Palamós Port

A Privileged Location in the Heart of the Costa Brava

The Port of Palamós, managed by the public company Ports de la Generalitat, is located in the centre of the Costa Brava, in one of the deepest bays of the western Mediterranean.

PHOTOGRAPHER Oscar Dominguez

This enclave in the Empordà has the appropriate facilities, services and access to facilitate the arrival of the large cruise ships that run routes through the Mediterranean.

The Port of Palamós is located in one of the deepest bays in the western Mediterranean, protected from the strong northerly winds and safe for all types of boats.

Passengers arriving in Palamós can enjoy an authentic seascape, observe the fish auction and the fishermen at work, and swim in the town’s beaches, as the port is integrated into the urban fabric.

  • Characteristics of the Port

    Time zone: GMT +1 (+2 in summer)

    Coordinates: L 41o 50′ N – L 3o 7′ E

    Winds: North (N) and northwest (NW) with crosswind components, northeast (NE) and southwest (SW) prevailing winds in summer.

    Nautical chart: no. 1704

  • General data

    Draft of the access channel to the port: 21 m

    Width of the port’s access channel: 320 m

    Total length of dock intended for cruise ships: 386 m + 150 m

  • Office of the Port of Palamós

    C/ Oficines del port, s/n 17230 Palamós

    Tel. (34) 972 31 45 25

    Fax (34) 972 31 73 10

Ports de la Generalitat is a company certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.


Port Facilities

Dock for Large Cruise Ships

386 metres of mooring line, 43 metres wide and 2metres above sea level, 14 metres draft. There are no length restrictions. Bollards and front panel fenders are set 22.5 metres apart.

West Pier

150 metres of mooring line, 6 metres wide, 1.5 metres above sea level, 7 metres draft. Front panel fenders.

Passenger Terminal

Palamós’s Maritime Station is a 255.28 sq.m. building that includes a police checkpoint and surveillance office, security systems, passenger waiting rooms and tourism office, among other areas.

Services Offered by the Port

  • Passenger Terminal

    Police control and surveillance office, security systems, passenger waiting rooms, toilets and a tourist information desk.

  • Shuttle Bus to the City

    A shuttle bus service will take passengers to and from the town centre.

  • Application of the PVIP Code

    Security personnel. X-rays, metal arc, surveillance cameras. Restricted access.

  • Pilotage Service

    Mandatory from 500 GT.

  • Tugboats

    Compulsory for ships over 130 metres in length. 20 tons BP. VHF channel.-12

  • Stevedores and Cargo Handling

    Provisioning and supplies to the ship through trucks.

  • Waste Handling


  • Fuel Supply

    Only via truck.

  • Customs, Immigration and Health

    24h Service.

  • Lighting

    Efficient and environmentally friendly lighting.

  • Taxi Stand

    Taxi stand.

  • Drinking Water

    Available with notice. Maximum quantity 500 tph (more than 5 hours).