Costa Brava – Cruise Ports

Costa Brava

The Costa Brava: an incredible area to be experienced intensely.

The Costa Brava has all the necessary elements to make them a destination to be discovered, rediscovered and experienced intensely.

Without doubt, the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona offer an array of possibilities to visitors attracted to the area by its climate, nature, cuisine, leisure, activities and the hospitality of its people. The wide range of tourism products on offer (nautical tourism, hiking, cycle touring, golf, health and wellness, culture, conferences, sun and sand, wonderful gastronomy currently boasting 18 Michelin stars) and the many types of accommodation available (with modern facilities and top-quality services) mean that the destination can be enjoyed all year round.

Land of such geniuses like Salvador Dalí and Ferrán Adrià, it captures the visitor’s senses with pictorical and culinary creations of high quality. Some of the most relevant figures of the 20th century found what they needed to nurture their creativity in this region and they were the first to leave tangigle vestiges.

The Costa Brava, known by many for its wide beaches and coves surrounded by vegetation and rocky cliffs, stretches from Portbou to Blanes, generously displaying a collection of natural, historical, gastronomic and cultural treasures that require all five senses to be fully appreciated.